Dynamic Asset-Liability Management

Dynamic Asset-Liability Management by Stochastic Programming Methods, is a solution for optimising investment strategy in a Solvency II world.

Data Quality Management

Insurance companies must maintain a competitive edge by improving and optimizing their business processes without compromising efficiency, quality, and response time.

Quality Assurance Analysis

Testing & Quality Assurance in Data Migration Projects ensures your data is complete, accurate, reliable and ready to use.

Insurance Mathematical Approach

Insurance Mathematical Approach establishes the tools needed for all discounting processes and determination of risk factors.

Brainmize is a new actor in the insurance services market

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The Brainmize Actuarial practice can provide you with the sophisticated tools, models and services that you need to wade through financial regulations and calculate risk. 

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Welcome to Brainmize actuarial consulting !

The new Solvency II regime presents significant challenges for insurers. Although traditionally expert in liability calculations, insurers face an urgent challenge to collect and present asset data required by the directive. Meeting these demands requires a comprehensive, integrated approach to risk analysis and an automated approach to data management.

While each insurer will face unique challenges, the Brainmize's approach is differently down to earth and practical. We aim to demystify the theory and implement solutions which are appropriate to your business.